eWallets and the Risk

Have you ever forgotten your wallet at home, maybe when switching purses or jackets? Are you looking for a solution to your back pocket bulging with ID, credit and debit cards, and more loyalty and reward cards than you know what to do with? You may choose to go minimalist and pay using your phone. Today there are apps that will pay for your coffee, your groceries, even your night out, and can allow you to do all that so much faster than counting out change or finding the right card.


  • Make sure the app you’re using to pay is reliable and secure, and will protect your banking or credit information
  • Check the app’s permissions and privacy policy to be clear of what information it will have access to
  • Be careful not to leave your phone unattended or unlocked, and use a strong password to lock it; some phones are equipped with biometric unlock features, such as fingerprint recognition
  • Some Wi-Fi connections may not be secure from hackers; when in doubt, use your mobile data network
  • Double check your bank statements or loyalty account balances regularly to ensure there are no surprises