Pokemon Go and CyberSecurity

It was hard to miss the crowds of people gathering in parks, hanging out near landmarks, and occasionally stopping mid-stride on the sidewalk in front of you, all in the name of trying to “catch ‘em all!” While the hype around Pok√©mon Go has tapered down to a smaller number of die-hard trainers, it can only be considered the first major taste of augmented reality gaming, which will likely become a mainstay of mobile gaming in the future. Concerns around privacy of personal information upon signing up for the game was one of the first issues raised; concern about privacy of individuals’ property became another. As official launch of the game in Canada was somewhat delayed compared to other parts of the world, gamers who chose to download modified or unofficial versions of the game made themselves vulnerable to malware.


  • Only download games from reputable sites, such as the Apple store or Google Play
  • Verify security settings on the game and ensure personal information is not accessible publicly
  • Always be aware of what information apps gain access to; read the fine print
  • Do not play games while operating heavy machinery, such as while driving
  • Respect private property, and be sensitive to public monuments’ real purpose
  • When playing games outdoors, be aware of your surroundings, consider wearing easily visible clothing, and play with a friend – that’s the best part!